He has rendered enormous services to defend the Department and save huge revenue in the interest of Government of Pakistan. Some reported judgments are as under


2010PTD1260 (Lahore High Court) – Al-Khalil Cold Storage

2012PTD1815 (Lahore High Court) – Chenone Stores Ltd.

2013PTD1030 (Lahore High Court) – Azgard Nine Limited

2014PTD2043 (Lahore High Court) – Crescent Investment Bank

2014PTD2078 (Lahore High Court) – Nishat Chunian Ltd.

104TAX217 (Lahore High Court) – Mughal-e-Azam Banquet Complex

106TAX187 (Lahore High Court) – Sethi and Sethi Sons

106TAX226 (Lahore High Court) – DG Khan Cement Company Ltd.

111TAX193 (Lahore High Court) – Imperial Electric Company Ltd.

111TAX145 (Lahore High Court) – Azgard Nine Limited.

2014PTD1807 (Lahore High Court) –Taj International (Pvt) Ltd.

2016PTD152(Lahore High Court) – Daewoo Pakistan Express Bus Service

2016PTD296(Lahore High Court) – Mian Muhammad Sharif etc.


2010PTD1039 - ITA No. 6028/LB/2004

2010PTD587 ITA No. 381/LB/2006

2010PTD1568 ITA No. 727/LB/2009

2012PTD801 ITA No. 652/LB/2009

2014PTD1268 ITA No. 1842/LB/2012

111TAX333 ITA No. 2652/LB/2013

14VOL8TF134(ATIR) ITA No. 1003/LB/2008



W.P. No. 1713/2009 Service Sales Corporation Ltd. Vs. CIT etc.

W.P. No. 24495/2009 Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Ltd. Vs. CIT etc.

W.P. No. 15352/2008 Malik Board & Paper Inds. (Pvt)Ltd.

W.P. No. 9270/2009 Ijaz Spinning Mills Ltd. Vs. CIT LTU.

W.P. No. 18619/2010 Al-Alzalouk Enterprises Vs. Federation of Pakistan etc.

W.P. No. 5844/2010 NBP Management Vs. Addl. Commissioner etc.

W.P. No. 18372/2010 Mandiali Paper Mills (Pvt) Ltd. Vs. CIT LTU.

W.P. No. 18371/2010 Premier Paper Mills Ltd. Vs. CIT LTU

PTR No. 327/2007 Crescent Sugar Mills and Distillery Ltd. Vs.CIT

PTR No. 791/2007 CIT Vs. Muhammad Yasin Washingwala

ITA No. 413/1999 CIT Coyz Zone-II Vs.Tourism Development Corporation

CTR No. 26/2002 CIT Vs. Escort Investment Bank Ltd.

Mr. Rizvi before joining the Rizvi and Company has worked for 1 year with A.F. Ferguson, a member firm of Price Water House Coopers in 2004 as a Supervising Senior in Tax Wing. During his stay at the firm he was part of the project financed by Asian Development Bank ( to work with Punjab Government ( to reconstruct its finances called the “Punjab Finance Reconstruction”.

He did his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Lahore School of Economics in 1999 - 2001 ( He joined University of Punjab ( in 1998 and completed his LL.B in 2001. He also did C.A. Foundation Part-I, from Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan in 1997.


ITA No 1003/LB/2008 Pakcom Ltd. Vs. CIT LTU, Lahore.

ITA No 1209/LB/2006 Prime Commercial Bank Ltd. Vs.CIT LTU, Lahore

ITA No.408/LB/2007 CIT LTU, Lahore Vs.Wartisla Ltd

ITA No. 1111/LB/2008 CIT LTU, Lahore VS. Azgard Nine Ltd

ITA No 932/LB/2009 CIT LTU, Lahore Vs. Leglar Nafees Denim Mills Ltd.

ITA No. 907/LB/2008 CIT LTU, Lahore VS. Azgard Nine Ltd.

ITA No.123/LB/2009 CIT LTU, Lahore VS. Olympia Industries (Pvt) Ltd.

ITA No.676/LB/2006 Kohinoor Sugar Mills Ltd. Vs. CIT Coys Zone-I, Lahore

ITA No.459/LB/2006 CIT LTU, Lahore Vs. Wartsila Ltd.

ITA No.4031/LB/2002 Hussain Sugar Mills Ltd. CIT LTU, Lahore

ITA No. 138/LB/2007 Burewala Textile Mills Ltd. Vs. CIT LTU, Lahore.

ITA No. 6020/LB/2009 Green House Spinning Mills Ltd.Vs.CIT, Lahore.

ITA No. 1426/LB/2006 CIT LTU, Lahore Vs. Tariq Glass Industries Limited

ITA No. 703/LB/2008 CIT LTU, Lahore Vs. Nida-e-Millat (Pvt) Ltd,

ITA No. 5313/LB/2005 CIT LTU, Lahore Vs. Shahpur Textile Mills Ltd.

ITA No. 708/LB/2006 CIT LTU, Lahore Vs.Ali Akbar Spinning Mills (Pvt) Ltd.

ITA No. 2044/LB/2006 CIT LTU, Lahore Vs. C.S.K Limited, Lahore.

ITA No. 4074/LB/2004 CIT LTU, Lahore Vs.Suraj Cotton Mills Limited

ITA No. 183/LB/2006 CIT LTU, Lahore Vs. Prosperity Weaving Mills Ltd.

ITA No. 2000/LB/2007 Pak Arab Refinery Ltd. Vs. CIT LTU, Lahore.

ITA No. 375/LB/2007 CIT LTU Vs.Qureshi Textile Mills Ltd.

ITA No. 2903/LB/2003 CIT LTU Vs. Ayesha Textile Mills Ltd.

ITA No. 1255/LB/2006 CIT LTU Vs.Ch. Sugar Mills Ltd.

ITA No. 5915/LB/2005 CIT LTU Vs.Haseeb Waqas Sugar Mills Ltd.

ITA No. 1809/LB/2006 CIT LTU Vs.D.G.Khan Cement Ltd.

ITA No. 1089/LB/2008 CIT LTU Vs. Pak Arab Refinery Ltd.

ITA No. 401/LB/2008 Al-Barka Islamic Bank Ltd. Vs. CIT LTU

ITA No. 1031/LB/2008 Nestle Pakistan Ltd.Vs. CIT LTU

ITA No. 441/LB/2008 DG Cement Co. Ltd.Vs.CIT LTU

ITA No. 2168/LB/2006 CIT LTU Vs. Jamhoor Textile Ltd.

ITA No. 606/LB/2008 Dar-es-Salam Textile Mills Ltd.Vs.CIT LTU

ITA No. 551/LB/2009 Jamshoro Joint Venture Ltd. Vs.CIT LTU

ITA No. 1156/LB/2008 Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Ltd.Vs. CIT LTU

ITA No. 105/LB/2008 Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Ltd.Vs. CIT LTU

ITA No. 886/LB/2008 Pak American Fertilizer Vs. CIT LTU

ITA No.721/LB/2009 CIT LTU Vs. Mian Tyre and Rubber Co. (Pvt) Ltd.

ITA No. 113/LB/2009 CIT LTU Vs. Elcot Spinning Mills Ltd.

ITA No. 892/LB/2006 CIT LTU Vs.Gam Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.

ITA No. 1264/LB/2008 CIT LTU Vs. Punjab Sugar Mills Ltd.

M.A. No. 226/LB/2010 CIR LTU Vs. Main Land Husnain Pakistan Ltd.

ITA No. 906/LB/2008 Yousaf Weaving Mills Ltd. Vs.CIT LTU

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